Parking in Dubrovnik: The Best Parking Options for 2024

Parking in Dubrovnik is no easy task, especially in the summer season. Dubrovnik gets over a million tourists each year, which means there can be thousands of people visiting on any given day.

As you can imagine, parking in Dubrovnik can be difficult. No worries though – this guide is sure to help with where to park in Dubrovnik.

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We recently stopped in Dubrovnik during our recent Croatia road trip, and since we were staying in the pedestrian-only old town, we knew we had to park our rental car somewhere. However, parking information seemed scarce and confusing, and I spent way too much time researching Dubrovnik parking options.

We ended up finding a pretty good parking deal, which I’ll share below. I also learned where not to park in Dubrovnik to avoid insanely inflated parking costs. So, below I’ll share some of the best and cheapest parking in Dubrovnik as well as tips on where to avoid.

5 Best Affordable Places to Park in Dubrovnik

Map showing the best 5 places to park in Dubrovnik.

1. Dubrovnik Center Parking (We Parked Our Rental Car Here)

Located at: Vukovarska ul. 22, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost:  €3 per hour/€24 per day
Parking Spaces: 90 Secured Parking Spaces
How to get to Old Town: 10 minute Uber ride or 30 minute walk

Dubrovnik Center Parking is a small, secure parking lot near Lapad. This is a good option if you need to park somewhere for a few days.

We personally parked our rental car here while we stayed in the Old Town for 4 nights. We paid €24 per day, but felt it was a good price since the car was secure and not on the street. During the 4 days, we did take the car once for a day trip and it was no issue coming back in.

You don’t have to reserve in advance unless it is in July or August, but you can pre-book by texting them on Whats App. You can also contact them on Whats App with any questions, which is a bonus.

2. Grand Parking Dubrovnik

Located at: Vukovarska ul. 48, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost: €3 per hour/€20 per day
Parking Spaces: 500 Secured Parking Spaces
How to get to Old Town: 10 minute Uber ride or 30 minute walk

Grand Parking Dubrovnik is a large, spacious parking lot with over 500 spaces. This is a great option for those who don’t like to park in small parking lots with tight spaces.

The parking lot is only 50m from a bus station, so it is possible to take the bus for easy transportation to old town or the beaches in Lapad.

If you have luggage, the best option is to order an Uber to take you to your hotel as it is more convenient than taking the bus. Ubers are readily available, especially in the summer.

A busy street in Dubrovnik filled with cars and buses. The photo also shows parking signs.
A bus stop and street in the city of Dubrovnik

3. Dubrovnik City Parking

Located at: Žuljanska ul. 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost:  €3 per hour/€30 per day
Parking Spaces: 50 Secured Parking Spaces, Some Shaded Spots
How to get to Old Town: 10 minute Uber ride or 30 minute walk

Dubrovnik City Parking is another parking lot that is highly rated (4.4/5 stars on Google) and provides reasonable parking prices.

Dubrovnik City Parking is a secure, gated parking lot. They also have 24/7 security cameras so you can feel assured that your car or rental car is perfectly safe.

One highlight about parking here is that they do have some shaded parking spots available. This can be a benefit in the summer when the temperatures in Dubrovnik get extremely hot.

If you have any questions, you can contact them via their website contact form or through their Whats App.

4. Ulica Iva Vojnovica Street Parking

Located at: Ulica Iva Vojnovića, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost: Depends on the Season – Typically €1 per hour/€17 per day
Parking Spaces: Street Parking, Pay at a Kiosk
How to get to Old Town: 6 minute Uber ride or 25 minute walk

In the Lapad neighborhood, you will find the street Ulica Iva Vojnovica. This street offers some cheap street parking options. The street used to offer free parking in Dubrovnik, but now they do charge €1 per hour (up to €17 per day).

This street parking option was recommended to us by our incredible airbnb host (a Dubrovnik local) as the cheapest parking in Dubrovnik.

This is a great option for anyone visiting Old Town for just for a few hours since it is only €1 per hour instead of €3 per hour.

5. Dubrovnik Daily Parking

Located at: Ul. Kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 57A, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost: €40 per day in the summer, €25-€30 per day in off-season.
Parking Spaces: Only 9 Spaces
How to get to Old Town: 8 minute walk to Old Town

While this small parking lot is much more expensive than the other options, it is still much cheaper than the parking right outside old town (which is €10 per hour in the summer).

This parking lot only has 9 spots and is very small, but it is less than a 10 minute walk from the Old Town gates. This makes it a good option for anyone spending just 1 day in Dubrovnik that wants to park within a short walk.

Pedestrian only street in Dubrovnik's Old Town. No cars are allowed here so you need to park outside Old Town.
Pedestrian Only Street in Old Town

Where to Avoid Parking in Dubrovnik

I recommend avoiding the below parking lots because it is expensive, especially if you are staying in old town for a few days.

Old Town Parking

Located at: Miletićeva ul. 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Typical Cost: Depends on the Season: Summer €10 per hour/€240 per day, Off-Season: €6 per hour/€144 per day
Parking Spaces: Limited Spaces Available
How to get to Old Town: 1 minute walk

Any of the parking lots and garages directly outside of the Old Town walls are very expensive. In the summer, it is €10 per hour, which adds up quickly.

However, for those with mobility difficulties, heavy luggage, or only visiting Old Town for a couple of hours these parking lots may be worth the steep price.

Another option is to park here first, unload your luggage, and later move your car to a cheaper parking lot. However, it may just be easier to park elsewhere and take an Uber to the Old Town gates.

Dubrovnik Gate to Old Town

Best Hotels in Dubrovnik with Parking

If you plan to visit Dubrovnik by car, it is an excellent idea to stay in a hotel or apartment rental that offers free parking.

This is by far the most convenient parking option as you won’t have to worry about hauling your luggage far. Below are a few great options of hotels in Dubrovnik with free parking.

📍 Budget Friendly: Apartment Maritimo

A clean and cozy apartment, this adorable place is a perfect place for a budget stay in Dubrovnik. While it is about 5km outside of Old Town, it is just a quick 10-15 minute Uber ride there.

Why Choose Apartment Maritimo?
✔️ Free Parking
✔️ Option for Balcony with Sea Views
✔️ Modern Interior, yet Traditional Features
✔️ Budget-Friendly

👉 Check Availability and Book Apartment Maritimo

📍 Mid-Range Hotel: Hotel Adria

This stunning, 4 star hotel is located in the Lapad neighborhood of Dubrovnik, only 2.5km from the Old Town

Why Choose Hotel Adria?
✔️ Free Parking
✔️ Beautiful Outdoor Infinity Pool
✔️ Relaxing Indoor Pool & Spa
✔️ Complimentary Breakfast
✔️ Rooms with Balconies and views of the Elafiti Islands

👉 Check Availability and Book your Stay at Hotel Adria

📍 Luxury Hotel: Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Excelsior is the ultimate luxury hotel in Dubrovnik. This 5-Star hotel is located directly on the beach and only 5 minutes walking distance from old town. It is the perfect place to stay for a honeymoon, anniversary, or to have a trip to remember.

Why Choose Hotel Excelsior?
✔️ Free Private Parking
✔️ Beautifully Decorated Rooms with Stunning Views
✔️ 5 Minute Walk to Old Town
✔️ Beach Front with Beach Access
✔️ Breakfast Included
✔️ Indoor Pool, Spa & Wellness Center

👉 Check Availability and Book your Stay at Hotel Excelsior

FAQ: Parking in Dubrovnik

Can You Park for Free in Dubrovnik?

While it may not be completely impossible, it will be very difficult to find free parking in Dubrovnik. The city gets very congested and parking is very expensive, especially near the popular old town. One option is to book a hotel or apartment rental that includes parking, another option is to do the low cost street parking in Lapad.

Is Parking Easy in Dubrovnik?

Parking in Dubrovnik can be hard to find, and parking that is closest to the old town can be very expensive. If you do have a car, it is best to stay at a hotel that includes parking or park in one of the paid parking lots outside of the city center, such as in Lapad.

Is it Worth Having a Car in Dubrovnik?

If you are only visiting Dubrovnik, then it isn’t worth it to rent a car. The old town of Dubrovnik is a pedestrian only area, and no cars are allowed. Additionally, the roads around Dubrovnik are narrow and steep, and parking can be hard to find and expensive. Therefore, it is only worth having a car in Dubrovnik if you plan to visit other locations in Croatia.

The Dubrovnik City walls with several cars parked in the outside parking lot.
Parking Outside of Old Town – Convenient, but Expensive

The Wrap Up: Where to Park in Dubrovnik

Finding parking in Dubrovnik can be difficult. The small coastal city has limited parking options and gets very crowded in the summertime. If possible, it is best to stay ta a Dubrovnik hotel with parking. However, if you want to stay in the pedestrian only Old Town, you’ll have to park elsewhere.

To avoid high parking costs, its best not to park at the Old Town Parking Garage as it can be very expensive. Instead try parking for free on the streets in Lapad or check out the nearby secure parking at Dubrovnik City Parking or Dubrovnik Center parking as both are well-rated and provide reasonable parking costs.

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