9 Best Things to Do in Samobor Croatia in 2023

Looking to for the best things to do in Samobor Croatia? You are in the right place! Below You’ll find the top 9 things to do in Samobor.

Samobor Croatia is a charming village located around 20km outside of the capital city Zagreb. This village is a perfect day trip from Zagreb for a chance to explore a smaller Croatian town. Samobor is a picturesque town with beautiful cobblestone streets, delicious food, and even historic castle ruins.

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How to Get to Samobor Croatia

It is easy to reach Samobor Croatia by car or by bus. I visited the adorable town as a stop while driving from Ljubljana to Zagreb, but you can easily visit as a day trip from Zagreb.

To get there by bus from Zagreb, you can take the Samoborček bus from Zagreb’s central station or the Črnomerec bus station. The bus ride takes less than one hour and is quite affordable.

The main square in Samobor Croatia

Another option is to rent a car. Driving from Zagreb to Samobor takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic and is an easy drive. Parking was also easy as there is street parking available as well as some public parking lots.

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9 Best Things to Do in Samobor Croatia

The small town of Samobor is worth visiting to spend time in a charming village in Croatia. Below is a list of the best 9 things to do in Samobor Croatia.

1. Wander King Tomislav Square

King Tomislav Square

The main square is King Tomislav Square, and is truly a highlight of the town. The cobblestone streets, Baroque style-architecture, and picturesque bridges give you a sense of old world charm.

King Tomislav Square dates back to the 19th century, and today this historic square is filled with cafes, boutique shops, and restaurants.

Its a perfect place to wander around and enjoy the local culture in a lovely small town. There is also a farmers market that takes place regularly in King Tomislav Square

2. Admire the Parish Church of Saint Anastazija

A church in Samobor Croatia

Standing tall in the center of town is the beautiful yellow-colored Parish Church of Saint Anastazija. This church is one of the earliest Baroque style churches in Croatia, and was built in 1675, upon the site of an earlier wooden church that was built in the 14th century.

The beautiful church is known for its lovely Baroque style, stained glass, and for its famous wounded Christ sculpture. The church is also adjacent to the park domovinske zahvalnosti, a nice green space in the town.

3. See the Old Wooden Bridge in Samobor

Old wooden bridge in Samobor

There is a small stream that runs through the center of town, as well as some picturesque bridges. Strolling around the bridges and cobblestone streets of Samobor make for a perfect afternoon activity.

The prettiest bridge to see is the Old Wooden Bridge in the center of town. In the spring and summer, the bridge is has lovely flowers, and at night time it is lit up. The Old Wooden Bridge is a perfect photo spot in Samobor.

4. Hike to Samobor Castle Ruins

Samobor castle ruins, one of the best things to do in Samobor

Sitting atop Tepec Hill is the ruins of the Samobor Castle. The castle was first built between 1260-1264 by supporters of the Czech King, Ottokar II of Bohemia who was at war with the Hungarian empire.

The castle passed through several different families, including the Counts of Celje in the 15th century. The last residents of the castle left in the 18th century, which has left it to the current state it is in today as castle ruins.

To get up to the castle, you will need to hike around 20-30 minutes. The hike is steep and it is necessary to wear sturdy shoes. At the top, you’ll have a chance to explore the historic castle ruins, which is a really unique experience.

5. Try the Famous Cream Cake: Samoborska Kremšnita

Samobor custard cream cake

You absolutely cannot visit Samobor without tasting the delicious Samobor Cream Cake, Samoborska Kremšnita. This cream cake is similar to the Lake Bled Cream Cake, but the Samobor version is fluffy and airy, and you eat it while its still slightly warm.

The best place to try the famous Samoborska Kremšnita is at U prolazu, which is a pastry shop located in King Tomislav Square. U prolazu has seating at an outdoor terrace which is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty piece of custard cream cake and cup of coffee.

6. Visit the Samobor Museum

Samobor Museum is located in the town center and is a small museum with artifacts about Samobor’s history. It doesn’t take very long to visit this museum, but is a nice stop to learn more about the area.

Samobor Croatia

7. Enjoy Some Local Croatian Food

While in Samobor, make sure to check out a local restaurant to try some traditional Croatian Cuisine. There are plenty of great restaurants in Samobor in the town square or on the small side streets.

Many restaurants and cafes in Samobor have outdoor seating which is perfect if you visit on a warm, sunny day.

Trying local food, one of the best things to do in Samobor Croatia

We stopped at Samoborska Klet and had a nice lunch consisting of local food from the Samobor region. This family owned restaurant is tucked away from the main street but has a great patio area. The staff was very welcoming and the food was delicious!

8. See Grgos Cave

Grgos Cave is a beautiful, small cave located near Samobor. It is a protected natural monument due to the rich stone formations. The cave is can be visited and admission is only 2 euros. Its a unique place to visit for nature and geology enthusiasts.

9. Attend a Festival in Samobor Croatia

One of the most popular festivals in Samobor is called Samoborski Fasnik. This is a festival that takes place each year in February where everyone dresses up in costumes. In the town center there is dancing, music, delicious food, costume contests, and parades.

Where to Eat in Samobor Croatia

Samobor has some great restaurants, and as a popular day trip destination it is a nice place to get lunch and try local Croatian food. Below are a few of the best rated restaurants in Samobor.

A restaurant in Samobor

✔️Restaurant Gabrek 1929
One of the most popular restaurants in Samobor and is known for their traditional Croatian cuisine. A highlight on the menu is the Wild Mushroom Soup.

✔️U Prolazu
The famous pastry shop located in the town square that is known for making delicious Samoborska Kremšnita. This local specialty is a must-try item when visiting. They also have a variety of other tasty treats.

✔️Samoborska Klet
A Croatian barbeque restaurant that serves up some delicious traditional meats. They have a nice outdoor patio and its a good choice for trying local specialties.

✔️Pizzeria Napoli
If you are in the mood for pizza, check out Pizzeria Napoli. Located nearby the center of town, they serve up some tasty and fresh pizza.

A stream that runs through Samobor

Where to Stay in Samobor Croatia

Many people visit Samobor as a day trip due to its short distance from Zagreb. However, you may decide to stay a night, especially if you are visiting during one of the festivals or if you need an overnight stay to break up a longer drive (such as Split to Ljubljana) and want to avoid driving in a large city.

Below are a few recommended hotels in Samobor:

📍 Hotel Lavica – Charming Boutique Hotel
A boutique hotel located in the center of town that is perfect for an overnight stay in the charming village.
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📍 Apartman Rudi – Traditional Apartment
Apartment style accommodation near the center of town. Traditional style decor and a highly rated apartment perfect for groups, families, or couples.
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Buildings in Samobor Croatia

FAQ: Things to Do in Samobor Croatia

Samobor is a popular day trip from Zagreb, and is a lovely town to visit while in Croatia. Below are a few commonly asked questions about visiting Samobor Croatia.

Is a Day Trip to Samobor Worth It?

A day trip to Samobor is absolutely worth it! The historic town is only 23km from Zagreb, and easy to reach by bus or car. Samobor has a charming old town with small shops, cafes, and outdoor restaurants. It is a great day trip from Zagreb to experience a small town in Croatia.

The church in Samobor

What is Samobor Famous For?

Samobor is famous for its Samoborska Kremšnita, a type of cream cake. This specialty treat originated from Samobor and consists of two layers of puff pastry, custard cream filling, and is topped with custard and powdered sugar. The best place in Samobor to try this delightful cake is at U prolazu, a lovely pastry shop in the center of old town.

Conclusion: Best Things to do in Samobor Croatia

Samobor Croatia is a historic town that has been officially recognized as a town since 1242. Today, this historic village is the perfect place to visit on a day trip from Zagreb or as a stop while driving through northern Croatia.

Although it is a small town, there are things to do in Samobor Croatia that make it a place worth visitng. From wandering the cobblestone streets in the old town to hiking to the ruins of Samobor Castle, this charming village is a great place to spend a day in Croatia.

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