Meteora View Points: The Best 11 Photo Locations for 2024

Meteora is a stunning historical site in Greece that is home to six monasteries perched high upon the unique pillar rocks. When visiting, there are many incredible Meteora view points that will allow you to see the natural beauty of Meteora.

In fact, Meteora is truly a photographers dream as there are so many vantage points to capture stunning photos of the dramatic landscape and stunning monasteries.

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Where is the Best View in Meteora?

While there are many great viewpoints, the best view in Meteora is Sunset Rock. Sunset Rock offers a captivating, panoramic view over the unique pillar rocks that jet out from the lush green landscape. From Sunset Rock, you can also catch glimpses of the inspiring monasteries that are perched high upon the cliffs.

However, Its important to check out several Meteora photo spots to fully capture the essence of this incredible place. Therefore, you will find a list of the best 11 viewing spots in Meteora below.

Map of Meteora View Points

Many of the best photo locations are from the entry points of the monasteries, courtyards of the monasteries, or from various pull off spots along the road. Here is a map to give a visual of where the best photo locations are at.

A map showing the different Meteora view points.

The Best 11 Meteora View Points and Photo Locations

While there are many great viewing points throughout Meteora, the 11 locations below are sure to provide great opportunities to photograph the stunning landscape.

1. Sunset Rock

Vantage point from sunset rock showcasing the beautiful sunset over the Meteora monastaries and surrounding landscape.

Sunset Rock is by far the best place to go in Meteora for sunset. The rock provides stunning, panoramic views over Meteora.

As the name suggests, sunset is the best time for amazing views at Sunset Rock. However, it does get busy here so make sure to go early to secure a good spot.

Sunset Rock is also worth stopping at during the daytime as you can still get incredible photos at this great vantage point over Meteora.

Photo Location: Sunset Rock is located at Kalampaka 422 00, Greece. You will see a small car pull off area where you can park and then walk directly onto Sunset Rock.

2. Meteora Main Observation Deck

View of the Meteora rock formations with lush green trees below.

The Meteora Main Observation Deck is one of the best places to experience the scenic views over Meteora. The view focuses on the astounding Meteora pillar rocks, but from certain angles you can see a monastery in the distance.

This is a great spot for sunrise or sunset, although it does get crowded so it is best to get there early. Its also important to be careful of your surroundings here and not go too close to steep cliff edges.

Photo Location: The Meteora Main Observation Deck is located at Kalabaka 422 00, Greece, just a short distance from Sunset Rock. There is a small parking area available, and from there you can wander around for sweeping views of Meteora.

3. View of Varlaam Monastery

View of Varlaam Monastery, perched high upon the unique rock formation of Meteora.

Varlaam Monastery is the second largest monastery in Meteora. It was originally founded in the 14th century by a monk named Varlaam.

Today, it is open to visitors and provides incredible vantage points, and is also has a small museum that holds valuable relics, art, and manuscripts.

The stairs of the Great Meteoron Monastary with views of Varlaam Monastary in the distance.

Photo Location: This view of Varlaam Monastery is taken from the Great Meteoron Monastery. From the steps of the Great Meteoron Monastary, you’ll experience incredible views such as this one.

4. View of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity

View of the Holy Trinity Monastery with mountains in the background, from the road in Meteora.
View from the Observation Area for the Monastery of the Holy Trinity

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is is perched upon a pillar rock that jets out an astounding 300 meters over the town of Kalabaka.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is easily one of the most photographed sites in Meteora, and for good reason. The views of this monastery are jaw-dropping.

It makes it hard to imagine how the monks who built this place once risked it all to climb to the top of this unique pillar rock.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity from the pathway to get there.

Photo Location: There are several great photo locations to snap pictures of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. Most of the best photos can be taken from the side of the road after parking your car or from the start of the pathway leading to the monastery.

5. View of the Great Meteoron Monastery

Veiw of the of the Great Meteoron Monastery, including the gand staircase that hugs the cliff.

The oldest and largest of the Meteora Monasteries is of course the Great Meteoron Monastery. Visiting this monastery is a true highlight, so try to avoid coming on Tuesdays when the interior is closed.

The Great Meteoron Monastery was founded in the early 14th century by Saint Athanasios the Meteorite

Not only are the views from the Great Meteoron Monastery spectacular, but the views from the courtyards provide panoramic scenes over Meteora that are truly stunning.

Photo Location: This up close photo of the Great Meteoron Monastery is actually taken from the parking lot for the monastery. There is a small viewing deck here that is a perfect photo location.

6. View of Saint Stephen Nunnery

View of the Monastery of St. Stephan perched upon a pillar rock, with the a town and mountains in the distance.

Saint Stephens Nunnery is also referred to as the Monastery of Agios Stefanos. Originally, it was built as a monastery in the 15th century. Since then it went through years of abandonment and was even partially destroyed in World War II.

It was later rebuilt and was transformed into a nunnery in 1961.

Saint Stephens Nunnery is the most accessible of the 6 monasteries in Meteora, because it only requires crossing a short bridge to enter.

Photo Location: A great photo spot to capture the beauty of St Stephens is at the one of the several vantage points from parking pull-off areas along the road.

7. Holy Monastery of Rousanou

Holy Monastery of Rousanou in the distance, surrounded by the unique pillar rock formations of Meteora and lush green trees.

Holy Monastery of Roussanou was built in the 14th century, and is believed to be named after a founding monk named Roussanou. However, this monastery is sometimes referred to a Saint Barbara as well.

This monastery has lower elevation when compared to the other monastaries, and so it is one of the easier ones to access.

Photo Location: Not far from Sunset rock is a small car parking area that you can pull off for this scenic photo of the Monastery of Roussanou.

8. Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas

Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas was built in the 14th century and remodeled in the 16th century. After that it went through years of abandonment before being refurbished in the 1970s as a historical monument.

It was one of the smallest monasteries and also has lower elevation compared to the others.

Photo Location: The best spot to capture a picture is from the road that goes down from the Roussanou parking lot.

9. Views of Kalabaka and Kastraki

Throughout many points of Meteora, you’ll catch glimpses of Kastraki, the small village at the footsteps of Meteora. You can also see distance views of Kalabaka, which is the larger town near Meteora.

A religious symbol of the Meteora Monasteries with scenic views above of the town. There are also mountains in the distance.

The views of the town are incredibly scenic, with the red roofs playing a stark contrast to the surrounding greenery and mountains in the distance.

Man looking out over the Meteora view point edge to the town and surrounding mountains.

Photo Location: There are many great photo spots that have panoramic views of the town, from the monastery courtyards, observation areas, and even from some of the parking spots near the monasteries.

10. The Courtyards

The courtyard of the Grand Meteoron Monastery, featuring a blossom tree and picturesque building.

Most of the monasteries have inner courtyards, as it provides a peaceful and secluded spaces for monks and visitors alike. These areas often have beautiful gardens and well-preserved architectural details, and are great photo locations.

The architectural style of the monasteries is reminiscent of the Byzantine heritage of Meteora. You’ll find elements like red colored dome-shaped roofs, Byzantine frescoes, and Byzantine religious icons throughout each monastery.

Picturesque structure in one of the monastery courtyards.

It is worth going inside the monasteries, as they are each unique. Some monasteries are rather bare and the stone walls give off a cold feeling, while others are adorned with intricate frescoes and religious iconography.

Inside some of the monasteries are paintings that depict religious scenes and tell the stories of the lives of saints. The frescoes are a significant part of the cultural heritage of Meteora.

Photo Location: The best courtyard photos can be taken at Varlaam and the Great Meteoron Monasteries. Keep in mind that photos are not allowed inside the monasteries, but you can take photos in the interior courtyards.

11. Dinner with a View at Meteoron Panorama Restaurant

There are also several places to get views of the Meteora rocks from the village of Kastraki, as well as the larger town of Kalabaka.

One unique viewpoint is from Meteoron Panorama, a restaurant just outside of Kalabaka. From the outdoor patio at Meteoron Panorama, you’ll get a close up view of the unique Meteora rock formations.

View of the unique Meteora rocks, in the rocks you can see small caves.
The View from the Outdoor Patio at Meteoron Panorama

In the rocks there are small caves. Prior to the formation of the monasteries, monks first came to Meteora to become hermits, and live a life of solitude. These hermits would live in the natural formed caves, until later on when the began constructing the monasteries.

The caves also have an interesting story from modern history, as they were used to hide both people and valuables during World War II when the German Nazi forces sieged Meteora and the monasteries.

The unique history that surrounds Meteora are one of the many reasons it is worth visiting.

Photo Location: From the left side of the outdoor patio at Meteoron Panorama, there are close up views of the unique rocks with small caves.

Traditional Greek drink on a patio table at the Meteron Panorama Restaurant.

How to Get Around Meteora

When it comes to getting around Meteora to explore the amazing photo opportunities and the monasteries, there are a few ways to get around.

Driving in Meteora

Driving is the easiest way to get around Meteora. Driving allows you to go at your own pace, stop at various photo locations and different monasteries, and is super convieint.

To drive around Meteora, you will likely want to pick up your rental car in Athens. We did this and used Discover Cars to find the best deal for a highly rated rental car.

For information on the drive or what to see along the way, check out this guide on driving from Athens to Meteora. You can also stop at Delphi on the way from Athens, which is another incredible historical site in Greece.

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Hiking in Meteora

Another way to get around Meteora is by hiking. If you plan to hike Meteora, you will want to stay a few days to ensure you have plenty of time to explore the sites. It is also best to stay in the village of Kastraki as that is the starting point for hiking.

Panoramic view of the Meteora rock formations, including one of the monasteries at the top.

Take a Guided Tour in Meteora

If you plan to arrive to Meteora without a car, I’d highly recommend taking a guided tour. A Meteora guided tour like this one that will take you to the monasteries while providing intriguing information on the area.

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To get amazing sunset photos, I highly recommend this Meteora Sunset Tour. A sunset tour which ensures that you visit all the best photo locations and get panoramic vantage points over the stunning landscape at sunset.

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If you want to visit Meteora from Athens as a day trip, this tour is a great choice. While it is a very long day, it might be worth it if you are on limited time and want to see one of the most incredible sites in Greece.

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Two people standing in front of a panoramic scene of the town of Kalabaka below.

Where to Stay in Meteora

It is best to stay at least 2 nights in Meteora. This gives you plenty of time to explore the monasteries, watch the sunset, and visit all the best photo locations and viewpoints.

Staying 2-3 nights gives you spare time in case of rain or fog, so that you have extra time to capture incredible photographs that will last a lifetime.

When visiting Meteora, you’ll choose between staying in the quiet village of Kastraki or the more lively town of Kalabaka. Either one is a great option and below are some recommended hotels for both.

📍 Best Hotel with a View – Hotel Doupiani House
Experience stunning views at this highly rated hotel in Kastraki Village.

📍 Best Hotel with a Pool – Divani Meteora Hotel
Especially in the summer there is nothing better than a refreshing swim after a day of exploring. This beautiful hotel in Kalabaka is also centrally located and a great option.

FAQ: Meteora View Points

How Long Does it Take to See Meteora?

It takes 2 days to fully see Meteora. Each monastery is closed 1 day per week and so staying for 2 days will allow you to visit each one. It also gives you ample time to visit all the incredible photo spots, go hiking, or watch the sunset.

Is a Day Trip to Meteora Worth It?

If you are limited on time, a day trip to Meteora is worth it. Meteora is one of the most unique sites in Greece, and is a must-visit destination. However, when possible it is best to stay 1 or 2 nights in Meteora to get the full experience.

The Greek Flag flying in the wind with views of the Meteora pillar rocks in the background.

The Wrap Up: Meteora View Points

There are so many Meteora view points that are worth visiting to capture pictures that will last a lifetime. From the scenic rock pillars surrounded by lush greenery to the impressive Byzantine-style monasteries perched high atop the cliffs, Meteora is filled with captivating scenery.

Meteora is a bucket list destination, especially for anyone interested in photography as this is one of the most uniquely beautiful sites in all of Greece.

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